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Meet the new Santé Nuts!

Meet the new Santé Nuts!

We’ve been handcrafting delicious, crave-worthy snacks here at Santé Nuts since 2004. Using a special roasting process obsessively developed over two generations, our mission has always been to create satisfyingly crunchy snacks without compromise.


Over the years, many aspects of our small business have evolved. Flavors have come and gone. Our production has scaled up. Our team has grown to over 50 people. Our company leadership transitioned to a new generation. We’ve even won some awards along the way! One thing that hadn’t changed was our packaging. While we’ve been focused on what went inside the bag, it was clear that the outside of the bag needed a refresh.



It was finally time for our brand to reflect the same creative craftsmanship that goes into developing our flavors and making every batch of nuts. Our goal was to embody the spirit of santé, a French expression used as a toast to health, joy, and good food. We complemented this with a vivid and natural color palette inspired by our ingredients and spices.


On the front of every bag, we wanted to highlight what makes each flavor uniquely Santé. The playful illustrations depict the balance of high-quality, vibrant ingredients in every batch. But don’t just take our word for it. Below the illustrations, we kept the clear window so you can still see the quality of our nuts!


Despite the changes to our look, one thing remains the same – we still make our nuts one batch at a time and season them by hand. This slow, careful process is what makes Santé Nuts a deliciously crunchy snack you’ll crave again and again.


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Santé Nuts is a family-owned company that crafts crave-worthy snacks. With a special roasting process obsessively developed over two generations, Santé offers uniquely crunchy nuts in a variety of delicious flavors you’ll crave again and again. Made with wholesome, better-for-you ingredients, Santé is a treat that can be enjoyed every day!