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We switched to a 4 Day Work Week

Santé Nuts observes a 4-day work week

Since Santé Nuts began 19 years ago, an equal dedication to our products and our people has been core to our business. Not only do we apply conscious care to how we make our snacks, but also to the well-being of our employees. Our namesake santé is a toast to health and happiness, and we believe we’re doing just that by switching to a 4-day work week.

The 4-day work week has been gaining traction across the globe, with overall positive results. The idea is that workers receive 100% of their pay and benefits for 80% of the time, while maintaining 100% productivity. We already think Santé is a pretty great place to work. But for a while now, we've been wondering would it be possible to still get everything done at work in less time? Could our company still succeed while giving our team the opportunity to thrive outside of work? The hope was that our team would have more balanced and fulfilled lives that improve not just their wellbeing, but also their performance at work. Less time at work would mean utilizing the time differently, getting even more done, with less stress.

After trying the shortened work week for a few months, we were thrilled to find this change was a success! Our team found new ways to be efficient, implemented optimizations to our systems, and removed some unnecessary redundancies that allowed the same work to be done in 4 days.

Feedback from our team was overwhelmingly positive! They felt the weekend was more restful, that they could get more done for themselves, and could spend more time with the people who mattered most to them.

“The new 4-day week has had such a positive impact. It gives me an extra day to take time with my family and go out or just simply enjoy our day at home and finish any cleaning that needs to be done so it can be a very calming weekend. These 3-day Weekends are such a good thing for me and my family.” - Isaac, Office Technician

"A four day work week allows me to plan a more fun three day weekend with mini getaways. I enjoy road tripping and exploring local cities in my area and all the great things they have to offer!" - Jessica, HR Manager

“The 4-day work week allows me to be more productive at work while giving me more time to enjoy my hobbies at home.” - Vicente, Quality

Like any major change, we expected the four day work week to require us to adapt. Overall, we all believe this schedule gives us the flexibility and balance most have of us have always longed for in our work and personal lives. The weekend is closer, lasts longer, and feels more full. Work life balance feels actually achievable.