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Creating Inferno Almonds

Santé Nuts - Inferno Almonds Ingredients

By far our hottest flavor, Inferno Almonds offer a tangy kick along with intense spice.

Usually when coming up with new products, we have an idea of the flavor profile we’re aiming to create. With Cinnamon Spice Almonds we wanted a flavor reminiscent of a classic coffee cake. With Chai Almonds, we wanted to capture the sweet warmth of spiced tea. You get the idea. When developing Inferno Almonds, all we knew was that we were craving a really spicy nut.

For our first rounds of recipe experimentation, Navot sourced about 10 different ground chili peppers. He'd been tinkering around different ideas for a really hot, spice forward almond. We didn't want to rely on the typical chilis you’ll find in other spicy snacks, like cayenne or pasilla. We wanted something unique that would really wake up the palette.

After a few trials, we were definitely enjoying the spice, but didn't feel like any of them were quite hitting the mark. Something was missing. On a whim, Navot took some hot sauce and poured it on some almonds and a lightbulb went on. The tanginess of the sauce enhanced all the spices and paired well with the nuttiness of the almonds. It was the perfect flavor combination. Now we just needed to figure out how to turn hot sauce almonds into a baggable snack.

To try to emulate that experience, we started adding garlic and lemon to play off the fruitiness of our favorite chili peppers. We had landed on a deliciously spicy combination of Wiri Wiri, Scorpion, and De Arbol peppers. Then we added a dash of vinegar for a hint of tanginess that we associate with a good hot sauce. The final result was a truly hot nut with the perfect balance of flavors.

Like every flavor we make, we roast our Inferno Almonds one batch at a time and toss them in bowls by hand to get the perfect coating of spice. They're spicy, tangy, slightly sweet, and always delicious. If you love spice, give these Inferno Almonds a try!