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Crafted for Crunch

How we make our nuts

We love nuts. And we believe crunch makes for a more satisfying snack! So we set out to make the crunchiest snacking nuts that are a wholesome and flavorful treat to be enjoyed every day. Over two generations, we’ve obsessively developed a special process to maximize the crunchiness in nuts. 

Let's break it down.

Sante Nuts

We start by boiling our nuts.

This step traps just the right amount of moisture inside and allows us to roast them for longer and at a higher temperature, helping develop the natural sugars.

Then we roast them, one batch at a time.

The high temperature forces the water inside each nut to escape as steam, resulting in tiny channels that harden when cooled, creating an airy texture.

Balance is the key to our crunch.

A good crunch requires the perfect mix of these two things -- moisture and airiness. It's a more difficult combination to achieve than you’d think! That perfect balance and crunch you can expect from Santé Nuts is our family secret.


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