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Gourmet Wholesale & Bulk Nuts

Award-winning flavored nuts that are crafted with care from a family-owned company.

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High Quality Nuts & Friendly Customer Service

We’re a family-owned company crafting crave-worthy, gourmet nuts. Since 2004, we’ve been roasting and seasoning wholesale nuts one batch at a time with a proprietary process we’ve perfected and scaled over two generations. We are more than just an automated wholesale and bulk nut supplier; we take pride in personally working with each of our customers to provide hands-on customer service for our delicious Non-GMO nuts.

A Quality Wholesale Nut Supplier

While our process for producing the crunchiest roasted nuts is still small batch, our production capabilities are anything but small. We produce millions of pounds of gourmet nuts every year for private label, wholesale, grocery, and bulk customers.

From custom flavor development, to low order minimums, to speedy fulfillment, we will never compromise on product quality, capabilities, and customer experience.

 Santé Nuts | Bulk nuts in boxes

Food Safety & Quality

Our top priority is food safety and we take meticulous steps to ensure our products are handled with the highest degree of integrity. NSF, a trusted independent certification organization, performs a Supplier Assurance Audit on our products and facilities annually ensuring the highest commitment to food safety. We are also Non-GMO Project verified, STAR-K Kosher certified, use product testing and environmental monitoring to verify safety, and maintain all applicable insurance.

Santé Nuts B2B Certifications

What our Wholesale customers are saying

A pile of candied pecans on white background

Bulk Almonds

What’s not to love about our gourmet wholesale almonds? They’re California-grown, crunchy as can be, and hand seasoned with sweet, spicy, and savory spices. We source the almighty Nonpareil Supreme Almonds known for their flat shape (for maximum flavor coverage!), light color, and smooth surface. Our bulk almonds are the perfect snack!

Bulk Pecans

Whether you call them pah-KAHN or pee-CAN, our American-grown wholesale pecans are award-winning, and our #1 best seller across wholesale, bulk, and private label customers for good reason. We source only the highest-quality pecans that are boiled, roasted, and hand seasoned for the perfect buttery crunch. We are the premier wholesale nut supplier for gourmet flavored pecans offering a variety of crave-worthy flavors.

Bulk Candied Pecans

Bulk Candied Pecans

Bulk Bourbon Pecans

Bulk Bourbon Pecans

Bulk Sweet & Spicy Pecans

Bulk Sweet & Spicy Pecans

Bulk Pumpkin Spice Pecans

Bulk Pumpkin Spice Pecans

Bulk Walnuts

Santé wholesale candied walnuts are classic, but definitely not basic. We carefully coat these creamy walnut halves with a thin, crisp layer of pure cane sugar. The result? Crunchy Non-GMO nuts that are perfect on their own, or as an ingredient or topping. 

Closeup of almonds
Closeup of almonds

Our Values

As a family-owned company, our wholesale and bulk nuts are made without compromise Purchasing and enjoying Santé Nuts means being connected to a family who cares about:

What you eat (nothing artificial, ever!)

The people who work for us

Our impact on the world

Santé Nuts values badges

Our Customers & Markets

We work closely (and flexibly) to meet the unique needs for a variety of customers, large and small. Here is an example of the customers that we work with directly:

Independent, regional, and national grocery retailers

Independent and corporate ecommerce websites

Foodservice customers including restaurant chains, bakeries, cafes, catering, and cafeterias (education and corporate), and wholesale marketplaces

Hospitality customers including airlines, hotels, and gift shops

Corporate gifting, special events, and wedding and party favors

Maps of private label retailers

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order wholesale Santé Nuts?
Santé Nuts are available through select national distributors. Please reach out through our contact form, include details about your location and product needs, and our sales team will happily get back to you within 1-2 business days.
Where are Santé Nuts manufactured?
Santé Nuts are manufactured at Santé HQ based in Santa Clara, CA. It is vital that we own and oversee our own production process in order to ensure the sourcing, care, and quality of our products meet our stringent standards.
How are Santé Nuts made?
Thanks for asking! We’ve put a lot of time and care into our special roasting process. Read more about it here.
Where do you source your ingredients?
All of our nuts are grown and sourced in the USA. Our sugar and spices come from around the world.
What are the most popular flavors?
The consumer demand for nuts continues to grow year over year thanks to their health benefits, taste, versatility, value, and being a plant-based protein. Our sales team can help you identify the right flavors for your needs.
Do you offer free samples?
Yes! Once our sales team has connected with you and understands your needs, we are happy to send samples. Reach us directly here!
What are the case sizes for your bulk nuts?
Our bulk nuts come in 5, 10, 20, and 25 pound case sizes depending on nut type.
What are your lead times?
Our standard lead time is 21 days from PO placement to PO shipment date. Though, oftentimes, we are able to ship more flexibly than that. Just ask!
What are shipping costs?
Unless otherwise arranged, shipping costs are covered by the customer. We can ship in a variety of ways and are happy to work with you based on your needs.
Will you develop a new product upon request?
Absolutely! Given the minimum order quantity and ongoing order volume is agreed upon, we are happy to engage in an R&D process for wholesale nuts.
Where can I find specs for Santé Nuts?
Our sales team can happily provide spec sheets for the wholesale nuts/flavors you’re interested in. Reach out here!
What is the difference between Wholesale, Bulk, and Private Label nuts?
Provide the answer to the question here.
We produce over 1 million pounds of flavored nuts a year!

Buying wholesale or bulk nuts should never mean sacrificing quality.

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