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Introducing Candied Pecan Pieces

Santé Nuts - Candied Pecan Pieces Now Available - Bulk Nuts

Candied Pecan Pieces are now available for bulk customers! These bite-sized bits are extra crunchy, sweet, and convenient. Already chopped, roasted, and seasoned, these ready-to-use nuts save on time and cost without sacrificing flavor or quality. Candied Pecan Pieces are perfect for repackaging, bulk bins, and foodservice.

Like every flavor of Santé Nuts, Candied Pecan Pieces are handmade one batch at a time and seasoned with simple, wholesome ingredients. Our nuts are non-GMO Project verified, gluten free, Star-K Kosher certified, NSF certified, and free of artificial ingredients. 

Santé Nuts - Candied Pecans vs Candied Pecan Pieces - Wholesale & Bulk Nuts

What's the difference between Santé Candied Pecans and Candied Pecan Pieces?

Santé Candied Pecan Pieces are simply smaller segments of our regular Candied Pecans! Small pieces of nuts means more surface area for seasoning, which make these Candied Pecan Pieces extra crunchy and a little more sweet! They're made from the same raw nuts and roasted with the same craft method as our original award-winning Candied Pecans


How can Candied Pecan Pieces be used?

Candied Pecan Pieces are perfect for topping, baking, and wherever you need a sweet crunch. Because of the miniature size, they're perfect in desserts, topped on salads, garnished on savory dishes, and more. 


How can I order Candied Pecan Pieces?

Candied Pecan Pieces are available in 5, 10, and 20 pound bulk cases. Contact us here or at for a sample or to place an order.