When Sara Tidhar suddenly became a single mom, she had to quickly find a way to make ends meet. She found solace at her stove while trying to think of what to do next. When her son said “Mom, you should sell those nuts you make for us,” Sara thought, why not? She had always made roasted nuts as a healthy snack for her kids, and the kids were crazy about them. Sara’s love of good seasonings had been passed down from her grandfather, who had traveled the world as a spice trader. Stove. Nuts. Spices. Family. The idea launched a new chapter in her life and a profitable business. 

Sara sold her first orders of roasted, spiced nuts to local Silicon Valley cafés. Making nuts quickly turned into a 24-hour-a-day job, with Sara sleeping by the oven most nights. When a major national grocery retailer noticed the products, all of a sudden Sara was standing in front of her kitchen stove holding an order for thousands of cases of nuts. 

Friends and neighbors began to help, and soon, people began showing up looking for work. Santé Nuts was born. Sara found a commercial kitchen location and a growing team of employees worked around the clock to continue the process of roasting small batches and handcrafting the products. They made the order deadline and Sara still remembers how she cried when she was able to hand out the first paychecks.

Sara's son, Navot, joined the company in 2013, bringing a fresh new perspective to every aspect of the business. "How often do you get the chance to continue a family business?" Navot is fond of saying when asked what made him join the company.

Sara's daughter, Noa, joined her brother in 2016 and the two of them are dedicated to growing the Santé family and sharing delicious nuts with the world.


Our Office

Santé Specialty Foods

1855 Norman Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95054


Our Family



President and Founder

Sara has had a life-long passion for feeding people. Growing up in her grandmother's kitchen, she learned early on how to perfectly season every dish. Drawing inspiration from her grandfather's spice business, Sara immersed herself in developing unique flavors. Her favorite part of the job is taking care of her employees. When she's not working, she's usually cooking family dinners and dreaming up new recipes. 



CEO and Vice President of Quality 

Navot is responsible for all business development and product quality tasks. He learned to cook more or less by trial and error as a way to express his creativity. In college, he would often cook elaborate meals for his friends and now asks coworkers over to his house to make dishes like lobster mac and cheese. It's his job to make sure that ingredients are sourced, marketing is handled, and product quality is perfect. Navot's favorite part of his job is seeing people try Santé Nuts for the first time. 

His favorite Santé Nut is Sweet and Spicy Pecans. 



COO and Vice President of Personnel 

Noa likes to say that her job is to make sure everyone is happy. She's responsible for most day to day operations at Santé and for helping everyone stay sane during hectic moments. It's her job to make sure the team knows what to do and knows how to do it. Noa has had a passion for food since she was young. She learned to cook from her mother and grandmother and has been feeding people ever since. She loves to travel, mainly so she can enjoy eating at new and interesting restaurants. Noa's favorite part of the job is finding small ways to improve everyone's experience of work.  

Her favorite Santé Nut is Candied Walnuts. 


Our Values

Santé Nuts is a family company dedicated to making delicious flavored nuts, caring for its employees, and bringing smiles to its customers.  


In building her company, Sara also built a new family. Her commitment to a family business extends to her employees. Sara firmly believes that her most efficient management tool is taking good care of her employees. Generous benefits are just the beginning. When it’s a birthday, everyone celebrates. Company trips and special perks add fun and bond our team. And when orders outstrip hours in the day, everyone works longer and harder and Sara brings in food. The result is a loyal team that is committed to all of its members. Many of the original employees continue to work at Santé today.


As the second generation working in the business, Navot and Noa work tirelessly to continue building and growing the Santé family.

Their goal is to make sure  every person who walks through the door feels joy and celebration.




Chefs will tell you that when you have high quality ingredients, the most important thing to do is step out of the way and let them shine. We couldn't agree more. That's why we've kept our process simple since Sara was cooking nuts in her kitchen. We source only the highest quality nuts: freshly shelled, buttery texture, and a deep nutty flavor.  

However, the roasting technique used makes a world of difference. Under-roasted nuts lack development of flavor and texture while over-roasted nuts will taste bitter and burnt. We have developed a roasting process that brings out the superlative taste and texture of each nut—creamy and crunchy with the nuttiest flavor you'll ever taste.  

We think of nut seasoning as an art form. Each flavor needs to balance perfectly and to highlight the nut. We like to use seasoning combinations that will bring out unexpected flavor notes; whether it's buttery notes in our Cardamom Cashews or the natural sweetness of pecans in Sweet and Spicy Pecans. We obsess over each seasoning mix until we hit a perfect blend that's deliciously enticing. You'll keep marveling over what you've tasted until the last bite. We often recommend that you pick up a second bag for the ride home. Seriously, get two. You'll thank us later.