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Santé Nuts is a family company dedicated to making delicious flavored nuts, caring for its employees, and bringing smiles to its customers.  


In building her company, Sara also built a new family. Her commitment to a family business extends to her employees. Sara firmly believes that her most efficient management tool is taking good care of her employees. Generous benefits are just the beginning. When it’s a birthday, everyone celebrates. Company trips and special perks add fun and bond our team. And when orders outstrip hours in the day, everyone works longer and harder and Sara brings in food. The result is a loyal team that is committed to all of its members. Many of the original employees continue to work at Santé today. 


As the second generation working in the business, Navot and Noa work tirelessly to continue building and growing the Santé family.

Their goal is to make sure  every person who walks through the door feels joy and celebration.