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If you’re entertaining for a large event such as a wedding or company party, we also offer wholesale nuts for your guests to enjoy. See our wholesale almonds, wholesale candied pecans, and wholesale candied walnuts for more info.

We think it’s time to redefine the rules of celebration!

It’s proven that celebrating the small stuff leads to increased satisfaction, fulfillment, and self-care over the long term. So together, let’s transform more “mediocre” moments into memorable ones.

Insert Santé Nuts. Whether they are your elevated Netflix munchie, your premium fuel-up snack before hitting the gym, or the sweet finishing touch to your party platter, we’ve got you covered!

“To your health” is not only the meaning of Santé, but it’s the reason why we stand for nourishing both the body and the mind. Sweet, savory, or spicy, our uniquely flavored nuts are sure to make every moment worth celebrating.

Self-care is one of those small moments worth celebrating and comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s getting a massage or an extra hour of sleep, and sometimes it’s simply treating yourself to better ingredients. Splurging on a nicer salt, fancier chocolate, or higher-quality nuts are just a few ways to make life a little sweeter. Whether you want to add a pop of heart-friendly protein to your pasta and salads, want an indulgent snack, or just need quick energy for a workout, Santé gourmet nuts are a reminder that you’re worth it.


Keeping gourmet nuts as a pantry staple means an instant upgrade even when you’re strapped for time. Simply add flavored nuts and a pinch of fresh herbs to transform humble brown rice or farro into an elegant side fit for your next dinner party. Think beyond pine nuts and pick up some Santé flavored nuts to dress up your next pesto or any of your favorite recipes.


Small indulgences make life sweet, so why not buy candied nuts to sprinkle into your sensible yogurt or steel-cut oats? It’s all about balance. Use nuts to add heart-healthy texture to an avocado, or for a mid-morning boost, blend nuts into a fruit smoothie to kick up the protein and keep you satisfied longer. Crunchy nut snacks add sparkle to even the most basic grab-and-go deli lunch. Keep Santé nut snacks in your bag or desk, and you always have an antioxidant-rich pick-me-up right at your fingertips, ready to get you through your afternoon slump without derailing your health goals.


It’s the tasteful little details that set your cooking apart from the rest. Let spiced or candied nuts stand in for plain ones in your Mont Blanc tarts and your mooncakes, and add an air of breezy sophistication to your dessert table. Stuff pitted dates with Santé nuts, drizzle with honey and add a pinch of sea salt for the world’s easiest after-dinner snack. Buy candied nuts to sprinkle on top of a store-bought pound cake, serve it with a nice dollop of crème fraîche, and you have an understated yet refined dessert that took almost no effort at all.


Make your cheese plate more delicious (and more Instagrammable) with tidy little piles of flavored nuts. Update a retro-kitsch cheese ball by adding dried cranberries and chèvre, roll it in chopped candied nuts, and serve with your favorite crackers. Keeping pretty little jars of candied nuts at the ready means you’re always prepared to entertain in a pinch -- just put them out with a bottle of wine and a bowl of dried fruit and you’ll look like you’d planned it all along.

Our Recipes


candied pecans spinach salad recipe.jpg


Santé Candied Pecans are the perfect snack, naturally, but try tossing them with roasted vegetables for a pop of sweet, buttery crunch. They’re great with kale and julienned apples as a salad topping. Stir them into crème fraîche or whipped Greek yogurt for topping fresh or grilled stone fruits and pound cakes. Make ice cream sandwiches with your favorite ice cream and cookies, then roll the edges in chopped Candied Pecans. Try them with hunks of aged gouda for an extremely craveable wine nibble.

Santé Sweet & Spicy Pecans are the secret weapon in your next turkey mole. They also pair remarkably well with roasted sweet potatoes (split lengthwise, add butter or olive oil and sprinkle on the nuts). Blitz them in the food processor with wild mushrooms for a superb (and vegetarian-friendly!) pâté. Try chopping and sprinkling them on a chocolate budino or a Mexican chocolate tart. Toss them with popcorn, mini pretzels and chocolate chips for the most indulgent movie night imaginable.

candied pistachio cake recipe.jpg


Try Santé Garlic Almonds in your pesto or trout amandine instead of plain almonds. Chop and toss them with roasted Brussels sprouts, or sprinkle into a savory whole grain pilaf. Stir-fry them with cooked rice noodles or fettuccine, green beans and pea shoots. Go retro-chic and add them to a creamy-crunchy pea salad to bring to your next picnic. Stir them into an herby yogurt dip to add savory crunch to your sandwiches or crudités platters.

Santé Chipotle Almonds can be mixed with roasted squash and crumbled cotija as a phenomenal chile relleno or vegetarian taco filling. They’ll add a little heat to a chilled white gazpacho or can be sprinkled on a Spanish pilaf. Use them in place of peanuts in gado-gado, and add a little Indonesian flair to your next crudités platter. They’re ideal for adding a pop of crunch and heat to upgrade your caramel corn, and of course, they’re perfect for eating straight from the bag.


Use Santé Candied Walnuts and graduate beyond hummus; blend with roasted red peppers and herbs to make muhammara for your next mezze. They’re great crumbled onto stewed apples as a waffle topping. Use them in your favorite rugelach or cinnamon roll recipe. They’ll also instantly update a classic Waldorf salad. Add them instead of peanuts to your favorite Kung Pao chicken, then use them in traditional Chinese walnut cookies to serve instead of fortune cookies.

Our Nuts

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Skilled chefs will tell you that when you’re working with outstanding ingredients, the most important thing to do is step aside and let the ingredients shine. We couldn't agree more. That’s why we source only the highest quality nuts, roast them to perfection, season them with the exact right balance of passion and artful restraint. Our process makes a more refined product, and you can taste the difference — that’s why you’ll pick up the buttery notes in our Cardamom Cashews and the natural sweetness of pecans in Sweet and Spicy Pecans. We often recommend that you pick up a second bag for the ride home. Seriously, get two. You'll thank us later.

About Santé

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Santé Specialty Foods is a woman-owned family business based in the heart of innovation, California’s Silicon Valley. A knack for flavor is in our heart, soul and in our very DNA; our founder Sara was raised in her grandfather’s spice business and her children now run Santé Specialty Foods today.

Our care, creativity, and attention to detail show in everything we do, whether it’s sourcing the highest quality ingredients, dreaming up new flavors, or simply gathering friends and family together for a meal. We are dedicated to bringing you a little luxury in the day-to-day, and we’re pretty sure you can taste that love.

“To your health” is not only the meaning of Santé, but it’s the reason why we stand for nourishing both the body and the mind. Sweet, savory, or spicy, our uniquely flavored nuts are sure to make every moment worth celebrating.