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Creating our newest almond flavors — Chai and Cinnamon Spice

Santé Nuts Blog - Cinnamon Spice Almonds and Chai Almonds on a countertop, paired with cups of coffee and tea

We recently debuted our newest flavors, Chai Almonds and Cinnamon Spice Almonds. Consider them sibling flavors — both seasoned with similarly cozy spices, but each one has an undoubtedly unique taste. Here’s the story of our new favorite treats.

After rebranding last year, Navot and I wanted to introduce a new flavor for the new Santé. During our weekly meetings over coffee we'd sample the latest batches trying to land on the perfect spice combinations. At some point, I realized we didn't really have an almond that complemented either coffee or tea particularly well. We thought this was a shame because really, who doesn't like a little treat with daily caffeine intake?

After many experimentations and trials, we landed on Cinnamon Spice Almonds and Chai Almonds.


Santé Nuts - Cinnamon Spice Almonds paired with coffee

Hooked at first bite.

The next week, Navot was grinning from ear to ear as he handed me a bag of almonds. "Try it with coffee," he suggested. I took a sip and a taste and immediately reached for more. The complex flavors coated my mouth and the crystal sugar delivered a tantalizing extra crunch. "These taste just like a cinnamon coffee cake!" Apparently I hit on it, because coffee cake is exactly what he was going for when creating this flavor! A little indulgent and delightfully complex, we knew this was the perfect recipe to launch during the holiday season.  


Santé Nuts - Chai Almonds paired with a cup of tea

A spiced taste of home. 

Spicing coffee and tea is a common practice in several cultures. Navot and Sara (our mom and founder) wanted to create a flavor that paired well with tea, but also reminded us of a middle eastern spices. It turned out that a lot of middle eastern spices taste great but are hard to combine with an almond. After a few attempts, they hit on the idea of Chai spices on almonds. Chai Almonds have a complex flavor combination with six spices working harmoniously. They're great any time, but try them with a strong cup of black tea for a real treat.


Like all of our flavors, these almonds are roasted one batch at a time and seasoned by hand — a craft process that makes our nuts uniquely crunchy and delicious.