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Spicing up our Chipotle Almonds

Santé Nuts | Chipotle Almond Spices and Peppers

We love cooking spicy foods and experimenting with different spices to build flavor and heat. While creating our Chipotle Almonds recipe, we explored how different chili peppers can work together to build a balanced yet robust flavor. We landed on an ancho, chipotle, and cayenne blend that's smoky, savory, and pleasantly spicy.

 Chipotle pepper | Santé Chipotle Almonds


Chipotle peppers are jalapeños that have been ripened to a bright red color (which mellows the heat and enhances its sweetness) and smoked. In our Chipotle Almonds, it adds an earthy taste and subtly sweet flavor that provides a base for our other chilis.


Cayenne pepper powder | Santé Chipotle Almonds


We use ground cayenne pepper, a moderately spicy chili that leaves a lingering tingling sensation in your mouth. This fiery aftertaste helps enhance the flavors and build the heat on your palette.


Ancho chili pepper | Santé Chipotle Almonds


Ancho is another dried chili, made from ripe poblano peppers. With a subtly sweet and fruity taste, this mild pepper helps balance the other flavors in our Chipotle Almonds.


Chipotle Almonds are excellent for snacking on its own, but here are a few pairing ideas to kick up the heat:

  • Add a handful of chopped Chipotle Almonds to tacos for an extra crunchy topping
  • Grind it into a romesco sauce and spread it generously on burgers
  • Top a rice noodle bowl with Chipotle Almonds for some spicy crunch
  • Pair these spicy nuts with a soft cheese and crisp crackers for an easy snack plate